When Did Haddington Road Agreement Start

Outsourcing, agency staff and related matters Despite management`s attempts to dilute them considerably, the LSSP maintains all the outsourcing protections that unions obtained during the negotiations that led to the previous agreements between Croke Park (2010) and Haddington Road (2013). While these two provisions fall far short of the reinstatement of overtime introduced for some public servants and public servants under the 2013 Haddington Road Agreement, they do offer options for employees for whom time is more important than money. It was the best that could be achieved through negotiations. Start of remuneration for promotionPayment The PSSA recognises the obstacles to mobility in the public and public sectors and is committed to reviewing the current rules for the start of remuneration for transfers and promotions. 340,000 public servants are expected to receive two 1% salary increases by October 2022 under the new agreement. Last updated: September 2019 Click here for the full text of the agreement. The agreement builds on the significant level of reform that has taken place in the public sector under the 2010-2014 Public Services Agreement and sets out a number of other measures needed to support the delivery of a more integrated, efficient and effective public service. A progressive agreement The PSSA is structured in such a way that low- and middle-income earns relatively more than high-income earners, and by 2020, 73% of civil servants and civil servants will earn more than 7%. During the term of the agreement: between June 2010, the date of signature of the agreement, and the end of 2012, nearly €1 billion was deducted from the public wage bill. Under the agreement, unions may choose to submit submissions to the Public Service Compensation Commission (PSPC) on hiring and retention issues identified in their original 2017 report that preceded the discussions that led to the IPSS. Fórsa submitted for his notes mentioned in the report. Although these low-quality tariffs (which are worth 10% less at each point on each scale) were abolished at the request of unions under the 2013 Haddington Road agreement, “new entrants” continued to have longer pay scales than their long-term counterparts, with two lower pay points at the beginning of each scale. .

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