Uft Collective Bargaining Agreement Salary

See what the contract says about wages in section 3 and Appendix A. Your salary is calculated based on your professional designation, the number of credits and diplomas you have acquired and the experience you have. Find out about the salary increases you will earn from your years of experience in the public school system. The UFT payroll plan allows you to earn more money — thousands of dollars more per year — if you spend more time at work (in stages) and earn more education points (in so-called differentials). See the full schedule for your bargaining unit. Newly appointed teachers and unassumed substitutes should apply for salary increases based on differences.. . . . For more information, see the Salary section of the website “Learn about the remuneration of educators who work every day, including substitute teachers. Newly appointed teachers automatically receive salary increases based on stages with continuous service up to stage 8B (for regular substitutes up to stage 4A). Teachers are paid twice a month, on the 16th and 30th, by cheque to your school or by direct deposit. All new employees must be paid by direct deposit.

We recommend that you sign up for direct deposit. If there is a delay in placing on the payroll at the beginning of work, you can request an emergency check for each missed payment period in order to flood yourself. You can also earn interest on late paychecks or salary increases for which you have made a correct claim. Find out about the union dues deducted from your paycheque to pay for union benefits and services. . . .

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