Short Form Standard Subcontract Agreement

2 PRICES AND PAYMENT. The Contractor undertakes to pay the Subcontractor the sum of: ($) or, as set out in section 15 below, for the rigorous performance of its work, subject to changes in the work that may be ordered in writing by the Contractor. Payment is made in monthly advancement payments within the time limits provided for by law, as a percentage of the work and equipment included in the improvement work provided for in the main contract; Advance payments to the subcontractor may only be made with the amounts received by the owner`s contractor for the work performed by the subcontractor, as set out in the contractor`s payment claims. Balance of the balance due to the subcontractor after receipt of the contract balance by the owner for the work of the subcontractor. Click “Add to Cart” to purchase a digital YCW version at the request of this contract. If you prefer a hardcopy version (for example. B a physical copy that will be delivered to you), select “Hardcopy” in the format field. 9. SECTION 9. LABOUR RELATIONS. The Subcontractor shall comply with the Employment Relations Guidelines in accordance with the Contractor`s instructions and shall be bound by and complied with all conditions, including contributions to the Trust Fund that apply in contracts of employment performed under this Agreement and to which the Contractor is bound. The specific agreements to which the Contractor is bound are those of the DE CALIFORNIA, INC. Section 10.

THE END OF LIFE. (i) If the Subcontractor fails to remedy the contractual defaults, including the non-payment of its creditors, within three (3) business days of receipt of the Contractor`s written notification, the Contractor shall have the right to take all measures it deems necessary to remedy such deficiencies and to charge the costs thereof to the Subcontractor who is responsible for the full costs of the Contractor`s remedies. including actual overhead, profits and attorneys` fees. 3 The subcontractor undertakes, if and to the extent possible, to provide affidavits, receipts, vouchers, rights shares for work and material, and undertakes to make them available to its subcontractors, suppliers and / or workers of the material, in a form satisfactory to the contractor, as a prerequisite for any payment by the contractor. The Contractor may, at its option, make a payment or part thereof through a joint cheque to the Subcontractor and one of its subcontractors, suppliers and/or equipment workers, and withhold payment due to disputes regarding the Subcontractor`s work or non-compliance with its obligations under this document. Associated General Contractors of California, Inc. 2013 Form AGCC – 04 Revised 3/13 ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF CALIFORNIA, INC. Forget about scanning and printing forms. Use our step-by-step instructions to complete and sign your documents online. 6 SECTION 4.

TIME. Time is the essence of this agreement. The subcontractor shall provide the contractor with planning information in a form acceptable to the contractor and shall be in accordance with the contractor`s progress plans, including any changes that the contractor did not make when planning the work. . . .

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