Stanford University Research Agreement

The sector-funded clinical trial agreements are concluded by the Clinical Trial Research Management Group (CT-RMG). clinical studies and other non-industrial agreements supported by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). Sponsored research agreements (SRAs) provide the conditions for research at Stanford, funded by external parties. ICO negotiates SRAs when companies fund projects at Stanford and seek licensing fees for intellectual property or research reports. For more information, check out our model of sponsored search agreements. ICO is also dealing with changes to industry-sponsored research agreements. ICO negotiates and signs sponsored research and research agreements with industry, as well as data and hardware transfers with all types of companies. However, industrial agreements on clinical trials are carried out by RMG at the School of Medicine. ICO negotiates a large number of research contracts, ranging from multi-year master`s contracts covering many projects to small, unique research projects with large and small businesses. ICO also adopts agreements for industry affiliate programs.

The Industrial Contracts Office website describes the processes for concluding the following types of agreements: “cooperation” differs from sponsored research contracts and Stanford purchasing offices can answer questions and help researchers navigate incoming or outgoing data agreements: researchers and their collaborators should be aware of two key differences between cooperation and sponsored research First, both parties conduct collaborative research through research. which are essential to the project. , as described in a working statement. Second, the Stanford researcher must fund these activities through other means, for example. B in another way, such as Z.B. for gifts or other available means, because the employee does not provide funds. A SRA is a contract that is used when a company provides Stanford with funds for a particular researcher to follow a given area of research within a set time frame. Cooperation between Stanford faculties and business researchers allows scientists with common interests to pursue common research goals. Cooperation agreements are used when the parties cooperate and each party pays its own costs.

A data usage agreement (“AEA”) is a contract that governs the exchange of specific data between two parties.

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